Our Story

Our Story


Our Big Day

- SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2019 -

The History


First Meeting

It took about 2 months to plan my marriage proposal to Maggie, my girlfriend of three and a half years. We’re both designers, working in a same company. She came to work 4 years ago and my boss asked me to guide her to her room and get familiar with the office. Like movies and as they say love in first sight.

Dating Story

Days passed one by one and we used to meet each other every day in the office. I used to come to his room to ask questions and I was so happy about it. Then one day he asked me to go out with him, although it was not an easy move but he should take his chance! “Why not F, I love to come with you.

Our First Trip

Nothing is better than having a vacation with someone who you really love. That happened to us really soon. Me and frank left home to beach and spend really nice days and nights together. I believe a trip like this can help people to know each other better, there I found my choice was the right one.

Our Engagement

It was Saturday, April 26, 2017. I knew that it was the big day! I took Gloria to her favorite restaurants. I made sure Gloria took that fortune cookie. Once she opened it, she found the saying, “Will You Marry Me?” I was shocked when Frank proposed me. I said yes, why not? He was a man who makes me happy.